LAHORE - Following security threats, all 4,267 venues of Muharram processions/majalis, across the City have been put on red alert, TheNation has learnt reliably. It has also been learnt that the majalis of women have been declared more sensitive. However, the City police in collaboration with the security agencies have traced 67 miscreants, who could carry out any terror attack. The details of 50 more persons linked to various banned outfits have also been obtained and their movements would also be monitored through CCTV, along with aerial monitoring. Following such threats, the City Police Chief Aslam Tareen has ordered the police to provide special security cover to women majalis and Muharram processions, whereas comprehensive checking and screening of motorcycles, with pillion riders, should also be carried out. Moreover, according to official documents, at least 513 processions are being held without prior permission by the City District Government including 185 in City Police Division, 84 in Cantt Division, 50 in Civil Lines Division, 97 in Saddar Division, 68 in Iqbal Town Division and 29 in Model Town Division while only 98 processions have been granted permission by the government. According to the documents, at least 5,702 mourning processions/majalis will take place during the entire month of Muharram including 1,178 in City, 760 in Cantt, 572 in Civil Lines, 853 in Saddar, 992 in Iqbal Town and 738 in Model Town Divisions. "To provide foolproof security for Yom-e-Ashur, the personnel of Quick Response Force (QRF) and the security men from Lahore Police have been deployed at 163 highly sensitive points including 62 in the City Division," it further said. "No doubt it is quite difficult to manage but reasonable security personnel have been deployed at 2,165 mosques in the City," a top police official said. He further said extra arrangements had been ensured to guard 320 Imambargahs including 117 in City Division, 43 in Cantt, 41 in Civil Lines, 69 in Saddar, 28 in Iqbal Town and 22 in Model Town Divisions. According to his claim, Lahore Police in collaboration with the 1,099 members of Aman Committees will ensure peace while strict vigil would be taken on 268 graveyards in the provincial capital as pre-emptive steps to foil any terrorist activity. Total 30 top zakirs will address the majalis and processions while the routes leading towards these venues would completely be closed down for every kind of traffic. According to an official statement issued on Wednesday, the CCPO has stressed special security cover to all the Ashura processions at the time of dispersal and directed that no irrelevant or suspicious person should be allowed to enter into the dispersing crowd. He, however, urged the citizens to cooperate in eradicating terrorism. Police officials in civvies, cops from Elite and Mohafiz forces, mounted force, mobile squads and sniffer dogs have also been deployed on the route of Zuljinnah, he added. He said that metal detectors should be used at the entrance of the Imambargahs and no one would be allowed to enter without checking.