STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Almost 200 people in Sweden support extremist violence and more must be done to prevent residents becoming radicalised in the country, scene of a bombing last weekend, a police report said on Wednesday. A man originally from the Middle East, who came to Sweden as a youth, blew himself up in Stockholm on Saturday when his bomb went off prematurely, preventing what police believe would have been a much more devastating attack. "A relatively limited number of people are involved in violent extremism. The active group whose actions are detailed in the report includes slightly less than 200 people," the report by the Security Police said. Their activities ranged from recruiting and radicalising others, to financing violence, joining extremist groups and ultimately planning or carrying out attacks. However, the report said that only a few people could be classed in the last group. The report, which was commissioned before the Stockholm attack, based its findings on 2009 data but the Security Police said it was still valid.