Ali Jawad Agha Job satisfaction can be referred to how satisfied an individual is with his or her job. Job satisfaction is not as similar as motivation, although it is directly related to it. Job designed the goals to increase performance and job satisfaction level. Other impacts on satisfaction include the management style and culture, smooth coordination with subordinates or seniors, empowerment and independent work position. Job satisfaction is a very important tool which is commonly measured by organisations. The most common way of measurement is the use of rating scales where employees share their experiences. In todays world, it is assumed that people work mostly to have better economic position and job satisfaction. As a matter of fact, they seem to work because what they get on the job enables them to achieve whatever they want to achieve off the job. On the job, they have to prove themselves with hard work. There is no time to relax. Reward achievement competition is higher than before between employees and the main concerns are traditional factors which resultant is no job satisfaction. Todays typical professional may no longer have an undivided loyalty and commitment towards his job. Therefore, it is incorrect to believe that an employees work life is spent entirely in the search of job satisfaction. Perhaps, he or she is not actively working to attain job satisfaction rather ambitions are personal needs and desires like standard of living and economically build their selves. Their job is a way to achieve the desires. Now a day, we should appreciate our employees efforts toward organisation goals in order to motivate them. Human Resource Department of all organisations should develop a system and standard policies in order to give employees a hope to work for the organisation. Employees should assume their organisation as their home. Their main preference should be organisation development and not their personal fulfillment. Rather, the Human Resource Department of that organisation should take care of employees personal fulfillments. (The writer is student of University of Central Punjab).