I also wish many things. Nations dont survive without sacrifices. When Ayub Khan met Algerian President and leader of the Algerian independence movement Ben Bella he asked him, Ben Bella When will the Kashmir be liberated? Ben Bella took him to the roof of his office, opened a window of the backyard, showed him the graveyard and said, When this much big graveyard is created. Thousands of Kashmiris have been martyred and I think time has come when they would free themselves of Indian shackles. I along with many tourists was visiting palaces of the old king of France in Paris in 1985. We saw that place where king and queen were stoned to death. Mao and Zhou Enlai threw their opium eaters in the sea. Americans fought civil war for hundreds of years. I have seen British Phanse Ghaats in Isle of White. Iran has become a nation after so many sacrifices. Afghans have always bravely defended their territory. My grandfather used to tell us in 1960s, that those who are born in Kabul are always on triumph. Many of us want a change. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, December 15.