LONDON: Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif has hired the services of Barrister Allan Alexander Cameroon, who is the elder brother of Prime Minister of UK David Cameron, to plead for him in Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Mohammad Asif along with two other Pakistani players Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir was suspended by International Cricket Council (ICC) on allegations of spot fixing scandal highlighted by British tabloid News of the World in Pakistans tour of England this August. These players will attend the hearing in ICC independent tribunal in January next year at Doha but they will also face criminal charges investigated by Scotland Yard Police in London. Scotland Yard expected to submit its report to CPS in December which will set the direction of ICC tribunal hearing. Mohammad Asif initially hired Elizabeth Robertson but as she will be on maternity leave from Dec. 22, so she advised Asif to hire Barrister Allan Alexander Cameron to plead for him at CPS on Scotland Yard report. Butt has already hired the services of Indian lawyer Barrister Yasin Patel in UK to plead for him at CPS on Scotland Yard report while he has now taken the services of renowned Pakistani lawyer Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan in place of Khalid Ranjha and Shahid Gul to represent him at Doha in ICC tribunal as ICC restricted the players to appear with only one lawyer in the tribunal.