LAHORE - Lahore High Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry Wednesday advised the Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) with heavy heart to rescind practicing license of advocate Ajmal Mahmood for he grossly broke the court decorum and showed disrespect and professional misconduct through allegations couched in derogatory and insulting language which were directed against the learned judge and a NAB prosecutor in the open court proceedings. As per facts of the matter in brief, Ajmal appeared before a Division Bench headed by the chief justice in a case of NAB accused Mirza Sultan Muhammad Saleem. At the very outset of the proceedings the counsel passed insulting remarks against the CJ and NAB Prosecutor Haroon-ur-Rashid and also leveled serious allegations of favouritism creating an unpleasant situation and tension in the courtroom. He alleged the CJ and the prosecutor had close personal relations since the former was a law officer so he expected little chance of getting justice for his client in this court. A verbal broil between the lawyer and the prosecutor ensued wherein both exchanged harsh and heated remarks against each other forcing the CJ to intervene. The CJ asked the lawyer to observe court decorum and respect its dignity but this admonition fell on a deaf ear of the counsel who continued his harsh and rough tone and tenor. The CJ also noted the advocate in his petition has used contemptuous language against the court which amounted to contempt of court. Confronting the court on the use of language in his petition and warning of contempt of the court, Ajmal said he did not care about the contempt proceedings. He uttered contemptuous remarks at which the chief justice asked him to leave the rostrum. However, the lawyer remained unmoved at the rostrum at which some other lawyers intervened and made him go out of the courtroom after a brief talk with him. On the spot, the CJ ordered the office of the LHC to send a reference against the lawyer to PbBC for canceling his license. The CJ observed "Advocate Ajmal Mahmood doesn't deserve to do practice of law due to his rude behavior and disrespect for the courts of law and so the PbBC is advised to cancel his license after taking due disciplinary action against him". The CJ transferred the NAB case before other LHC bench observing that he would not hear it after serious allegation by the advocate. As the CJ passed order for sending reference against him to PbBC and canceling of his license, Ajmal started apologising but it was too late to mend. Official sources confided the LHC had not yet sent the reference to PbBC which may be done after Muharram holidays.