ISLAMABAD - Deli-delaying tactics, irresponsible attitude and lack of interest on the part of Azad Jammu and Kashmir government has put the future of important project of AJK Television at stake, a letter written by the employees of AJK TV stated. According to the letter written to Presidents and Prime Ministers of the governments of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (whose copy is available with The Nation) employees of AJK TV have requested to take notice of miseries of AJK TV and its employees. It is pertinent to mention here that Federal government launched AJK television in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir six years back in February 2004 with an aim to counter Indian channels' propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Authorities were under the impression that transmission of AJK Television would play an important role in supporting cause of Kashmiri's freedom movement and also to counter Indian channels' propaganda war in there. The project of AJK TV, which initially cost the national exchequer Rs 70 million was supposed to be expanded with in the two years after its inauguration. At the time of inauguration of AJK TV, AJK government promised to provide land and funds required for expanding the building of project of much importance. However, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir government has not only failed to pass by its commitment to provide funds and land but also due to its irresponsible attitude and lack of interest, transmission of AJK TV has been reduced to one hour daily, it is alleged. According to reports, Azad Jamu and Kashmir government could not even meet its commitment to regularise the employees of AJK TV even after passage of seven years. In October 2007, then Prime Minister of AJK, Sardar Attiq Ahmed Khan recommended to the federal government to regularise employees of AJK TV. However, the matter is still lingering, it is learnt here.