It has been reported again in the media that India is building 60 dams on three Western rivers belonging to Pakistan, which is an open violation of the Indus Waters Treaty. Pakistan would be the biggest loser as the water is being diverted by India. For thousands of years, humanity has been aware of the importance of water as humans cannot survive without water at all. Feeling the need of water in future, experts and politicians have been calling for building more and more water reservoirs but to no avail. India has a history of water conflicts with Bangladesh and Nepal also. Now the construction of controversial dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan has endangered regional peace as Pakistan is an important regional player and any misunderstanding between the two nuclear powers can harm peace and security of the entire region. After drying out Pakistani rivers including Ravi, Satluj, Bias and Jehlum by building Kishan Ganga Dam, Baglihar Dam and other smaller barrages, India has launched a new dam on River Chenab. ASMA MUJAHID, December 14.