LAHORE TV actor Jamil Fakhri received the dead body of his son Ali Ayaz Fakhri here on Wednesday. Interior Minister Rehman Malk, MQM Central Leader Dr Faroq Sattar, other personalities, relatives of the actor and people at large were gathered at the Airport to receive the dead body of Ali Ayaz. Rehman Malk, while talking to media said, the government would establish welfare fund for the actors. He said the Prime Minister had ordered him for doing special efforts for arresting the killers of Ali Ayaz. He said the government would fully support the case of Ali Ayaz in the US courts. Dr Faroq said the government should take further steps to arrest the killers of Ali Ayaz. He said Altaf Hussain and his party was standing with Jamil Fakhri at the time of sorrow. The coffin carrying the dead body arrived at the Airport at night through a PIA flight. The funeral prayer of Ali Ayaz will be held at Ravi Ground today. Jamil Fakhri, while expressing his views, said he was thankful to the media and the government for their efforts to bring his sons body back. However, he refused to accept the cheque from the government saying the money should be spent for the welfare of other actors. It may be reminded here that Ali Ayaz Fakhri was missing in the US for the last two years. However, the US authorities confirmed his death a few days ago.