LAHORE Both the PML-N and the PML-Q are unanimous in their view that the RGST will multiply the problems of already overburdened masses and they would resist the move by voting against the proposed legislation related to the new taxation in the Parliament. But the PML-Q has serious reservations over the governance in Punjab, saying the political rivals are being victimised. But Nawaz League says currently there is no political prisoner in the province and it was the previous government, which jailed thousands of people just because of the political reasons while the then chief minister was regular in seeking explanation from the officials in case the detainees were able to get bail from courts. These views were expressed by Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheeruddin and PML-Ns MPA Zaeem Ahmed Qadri in Waqt News programme 'Agla Kadam, hosted by Salman Ghani. Zaheer termed the unification of the Muslim League factions as the need of the hour and said no alliance would be formed with the PPP. But he made it clear that they wanted dialogue with the ruling party despite the differences. He accused the Punjab govt of following a revenge agenda and said the govt which utilised Rs1,100 billion had failed to deliver and instead was unveiling plaques for the projects initiated by them, adding why did the so-called pro-poor chief minister not pass orders for supplying sugar at Rs72 per kg. Zaheer also criticised the Punjab govt for disposing of the local bodies system. Zaeem, on the other hand, said the financial crunch was a product of the previous regime, adding that shelved LGs system was nothing but a mechanism to plunder the national resources. He said the Thana culture did not change because Musharraf had made the police unaccountable and all-powerful through the new laws. He also claimed that there was not a single scandal against the PML-N govt. The PML-N leader said the PPP and the PML-Q, linked through the NRO, would have to stay together, adding that President Zardari had occupied the slot by deceiving the former dictator. He said the different factions of the party could only be reunited on the basis of principles and Nawaz Sharif had decided that the production of Muslim Leagues under the dictators patronage should be stopped.