LAHORE - Lahore High Court Justice Iftikhar Hussain Chaudhry Wednesday issued notice to the Punjab government for seeking reply to a petition which has assailed the establishment of task forces and appointment of coordinators to run the affairs in various public departments in the province. While seeking reply to the petition within next three weeks, the court has also issued notice to the government on a plea which sought interim stay on the functioning of the task forces and coordinators meantime decision on the main plea. The petition has been filed by Qamar Zia Pervez pinpointing various channels whereof public money was being squandered through the task forces (TFs) and the coordinators while holding their existence unwarranted by the Constitution and a negation of the democratic norms of governance. He said chairmen of the TFs and chief coordinators and coordinators in every government departments had been appointed and a number of vehicles handed them over with facilities of free fuel, telephones, traveling and funds for refreshments in addition to luxury offices and a large staff therein, all at government expense. He submitted the TFs and coordinators had been appointed illegally and without any legal cover, besides their entity had become a great burden on the national exchequer as millions of rupees were being spent on them. He said the political leaders had started the practice to accommodate their party workers and favourites by means of TFs and Coordinators, and the present ones were also a reflection of the same trend. He also alleged the said office-holders were abusing their authority on different government departments, when the fact is, most of them do not meet the required academic qualification and experience for the job they have to discharge towards the public departments. The petitioner said a hard and fast system was in place to administer affairs in the public departments according to law but the Punjab government had set up a parallel administrative system by way of the TFs and the Coordinators allegedly to award political bribe to the favourites. He said the institution of forces and the coordinators finds not room in the law and the Constitution and they were being stuffed with political appointments. The petitioner prayed that a direction be issued to the government of Punjab to disband such establishment which had no legal sanction and were absolutely illegal, unconstitutional. He also prayed to stop funds released to them and also withdrew offices, vehicles, telephones and other facilities from them.