LAHORE-Speakers at Inter-religion Peace Convention held here on Wednesday under the aegis of PPPs religious wing, urged political and religious parties to get united on the issue of terrorism setting aside political and ideological differences. They were also unanimous on the point that there could be no peace in the world unless Pakistan is free of terrorists. The PPPs Punjab Secretary General, Sami Ullah Khan, partys Lahore women wing President, Faiza Malik and other office bearers addressed the convention held at Lahore Press Club. Chairman Inter-religion Peace Committee, Allama Yousuf Awan presided over the convention. Speaking on the occasion, Sami Ullah Khan said that fight against terrorism was not restricted to Pakistan or Lahore only, as it was an issue of the entire world with global implications. He said some black sheep in Punjab were bent upon destroying peace by spreading sectarianism in the province. These elements, he added, also had sympathies with the terrorists. Sami said that Federal Minister for Interior, Rehman Malik and State Minister, Tasnim Qureshi were playing leading role in eradication of terrorism setting aside political issues. He asked provincial governments to follow their foot steps in this regard. Allama Yousuf Awan said that those masterminding terrorist attacks were the worst enemies of Islam as they were using religion to fulfill their ulterior motives. Faiza Malik stressed the need for promoting culture of tolerance as practiced by President Asif Ali Zardari who had forgiven all his adversaries in countrys best interest.