The article entitled 'Reform or perish appeared in Daily Times on December 9 is creating wrong perception about government in reality. There has always been a gap between what is and what should be. The federal government has tried its utmost to give relief to the common man of Pakistan. It has launched Benazir Income Support Programme, which has been appreciated by world donor agencies, Balochistan Package, NFC Award, reinstatement of dismissed employees etc. The government has also raised the minimum level of wages to Rs. 7000. But, unfortunately, bureaucratic procedure, the country is infested with, is painfully slow and indifferent to the miseries of the masses which results in the failure of the policies formulated by the federal government. Moreover, the federal government is a coalition of a number of political parties with different agendas and objectives. There is a national consensus across Pakistan among general public that the tax base needs to be expanded and all the sectors should be taxed. But, some non-serious political parties are playing to the gallery and maligning the federal government just for political point scoring. SHAMSHAD ALI RAO, Lahore, December 15.