LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday threatened to join protesting traders on The Mall if the Federal government did not restore the uninterrupted gas supply to the industry in the province. He said that Punjab is being subjected to discrimination on gas supply issue despite the fact that the province had sacrificed its considerable share to help develop consensus on the long-standing NFC Award among the provinces. He stated this while talking to reporters after a meeting with the Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, industrialists and Chairman of APTMA to discuss the gas loadshedding issue at his camp office in Model Town here on Wednesday. He said that Punjab is being treated unfairly with regard to supply of gas which is badly affecting industrial sector and depriving labourers and workers of their livelihood. Shahbaz said that it is a premeditated conspiracy against Punjab and he wanted to make it clear to the elements involved in such negative tactics to mend their ways ,otherwise, they would be exposed. He said that there should be a uniform policy of loadshedding of gas and Punjab should be given its rightful share. He said that he will immediately contact Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani alongwith a representative delegation of industrialists and traders for resolving this issue and it is hoped that justice will be done. He stressed that if the unjust treatment to Punjab continued, the conspiracies against Punjab will be faced and even going to extent of staging a protest demo on The Mall Road with industrialists, traders and labourers will be considered. The Chief Minister said that he is a true Pakistani and does not believe in provincialism. He said that NFC Award is a proof of this national spirit. He said that Pakistan has four federating units and their joys and sorrows are common, however, Punjab is being treated unfairly regarding load shedding of gas which is a premeditated conspiracy to close down industries and compel the labourers to protest. He said that supply of gas to industries is completely suspended for the last 10 days which has brought this sector to the verge of disaster and badly affected about 15 million people associated with this sector. He said that Minister of Petroleum Naveed Qamar, Secretary Petroleum and his team will come to Lahore and during the meeting it will be decided that there will be load shedding of two days in all the provinces and a uniform formula will be adopted and this fact is on record. He said that it was also decided that a uniform policy with regard to load shedding of gas will be implemented throughout the country but only Punjab is facing this problem now. He said that Punjab has gas requirement of 600 MMCF while it is being provided only 180 MMCF gas and the supply of gas from Sui Northern Pipelines grid has also been stopped. He said that this situation is not only damaging the industrial sector but orders of billions of rupees are also being cancelled. He said that Punjab wants prosperity of all the provinces which is proved by unanimous approval of NFC Award. He said that all the four provinces made sacrifices in this regard but Punjab contributed the largest share. He said that under a pre-planned conspiracy against Punjab, people are being forced to take to the streets. He said that some units have obtained stay order from the High Court and provincial government is also being compelled to do so but it will be a negation and weakening of the Federation, therefore, he does not agree with this proposal. He said that he is confident that justice will be done with Punjab on the basis of facts. He said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is the Prime Minister of the whole country and if he considers it appropriate the issue can be raised in the Council of Common Interests. He said that media should play its due role in highlighting this issue just as it is doing with regard to social issue and weaknesses of the governments. He said that Punjab demands only justice and implementation of a uniform policy with regard to loadshedding of gas throughout the country and it should not be forced to take steps against unjust treatment and violation of its rights. He said that it is not a threat but demand for the legitimate rights of Punjab. Earlier,Presidents of Chambers of Commerce and Industries, traders, and chairmen of APTMA during a meeting with the Chief Minister informed that the supply of gas is completely suspended to industrial sector for the last 10 days and it is happening only in Punjab. He said that industrial sector will be completely devastated if immediate measures were not taken to solve this problem. They said that Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif properly highlighted this issue in the past and it is hoped that he will uphold the rights of industrial sector. Member National Assembly Pervaiz Malik, Secretaries of Industries, Trade & Investment and Managing Director Sui Gas were also present on the occasion.