Chinese Premier Wen Jiabaos upcoming 3-day official visit to Pakistan reflects the Chinese governments special attention to the development of China-Pakistan relations. This visit will further consolidate the friendship between China and Pakistan and elevate the bilateral strategic cooperative partnership to a new level, contributing to the promotion of regional peace, stability and development, said Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Liu Jian in an interview with the Peoples Daily published here. Liu said that Wen will exchange views with Pakistani leaders on how to deepen the strategic bilateral relationship and plans on cooperation in the realms of politics, economics, trade, energy and culture for a period in the future. The leaders will also discuss how China will participate in Pakistans post-quake reconstruction more effectively. Premier Wen will also attend the business cooperation summit and meet with people who contribute to the friendship between China and Pakistan. Liu Jian said that Pakistan is Chinas important neighbor and strategic partner. Having withstood the test of time and international vicissitudes, China-Pakistan relations is one of the priorities of Chinas diplomacy. The Sino-Pakistani friendship is deeply rooted in the hearts of both peoples, the Liu observed. In recent years, the all-weather friendship between China and Pakistan has been continuously consolidated due to the joint efforts of both sides, Liu said adding: with the deepening cooperation, the China-Pakistan strategic cooperative partnership has achieved new development. Frequent high-level interaction between the two countries has enhanced mutual political trust. Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao met with Pakistani leaders several times on various occasions. The Chinese government firmly supports the Pakistani governments measures to safeguard national stability and development. It supports Pakistans roadmap chosen on the basis of its own national conditions. In the same way, te Pakistani government firmly supports Chinas position on Xinjiang, Tibet and human rights. On economic and trade exchanges, Liu Jian said trade and economic cooperation mechanism between China and Pakistan has kept improving. The FTA agreement between the two countries covering trade in goods, services, trade and investment is now in full force. The two sides are preparing to launch the second phase of tax-free trade agreement negotiations. Not long ago, the two countries reached consensus on key areas of cooperation in trade. Despite the international financial crisis, economic and trade cooperation has continued to develop between the two sides. From January to September this year, bilateral trade volume reached 6.22 billion U.S. dollars, up 29 percent. Of which Pakistans exports rose by 27.6 percent. The cooperation on large projects, including the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower project, the upgrade of Karakoram Highway and Pakistan-China Friendship Center, is advancing smoothly. Liu said that after the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008, the Pakistani government donated 38,000 tents to China. In July this year, the Chinese government and people provided aid to Pakistan, which suffered from a serous flooding. The Chinese government announced aid of 247 million U.S. dollars to Pakistan, and sent medical rescue teams and a helicopter rescue team to Pakistan to help relief efforts. China has also made special arrangements, transporting a large amount of emergency humanitarian aid on land. Premier Wens visit will undoubtedly make the Sino-Pakistani friendship more deeply rooted in the minds of the people, he noted.