Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had always encouraged and considered youth as the most important asset of the country. Allama Iqbal, likewise, compared youth with the amazing Shaheen. But now there is a colossal change in the perceptions and thinking of the leaders at the state level. The pity is that the youth which was once taken as the pillar of the country is now suffering through the faulty education system. Pakistan has attracted a lot of attention and its image has tarnished. Given the circumstances, it is becoming hard for the people to live happy and prosperous lives. The acts of terror occurring today are making them gloomy. The real cause forcing the youth to settle in the West is the apathy of successive governments to create better job and education opportunities in the country. The current scenario and the governments behavior is not bringing solace or any kind of comfort to the people of Pakistan. Therefore, people are suggesting new ways to live happy lives. Why are we forcing our own youth to migrate to other countries and not coming back again? Its a shame for all of us and a great loss to the country because our assets youth are now helping other countries by becoming their think tanks. There is no doubt that our youth is not reluctant to serve our own country but lack of facilities make them go away and literally vanish. The government should take serious steps towards betterment and empowerment of the youth. This can help the country get out of the darkness it finds itself at the present. Speedy help and interest from the government will surely turn them into shining stars of tomorrow because Pakistan has never stopped in producing great people having great inspirations for the world. So, the formula of making Pakistans future bright is to strengthen the youth. They deserve importance and attention from the government. So the government should adopt ways to make the state more vibrant and active. SAQLAIN AMIR, December 15.