OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The Civil Society Front Pakistan members staged a protest demonstration in front of Lahore Press Club (LPC) against the heinous NATO attack on Pakistani troops and demanded of the government to cut off NATO supplies permanently, take back the military bases from the US forces and plead the case in the UN Security Council. Scores of the civil society members from different parts of the city on Thursday gathered outside LPC to show solidarity with the Armed Forces of Pakistan and its martyrs who lost their lives in the heinous NATO strikes at Salala Check Post at Mohmand Agency. The participants included old and young men and women; the later even carrying their kids with them reached the spot in the chilly December evening to show their anger on the inexcusable act of the allied forces. The Civil Society Front Pakistan members reached LPC on buses and bikes on the call of Ex-PML-Q MPA Anjum Amjad, the wife of Dr Amjad Chaudhry, Chairman Eden Garden Housing Society. The protesters were carrying National flags, placards and banners inscribed with pro-military, anti-NATO slogans like Long Live Pakistan Army (Pak faug Zindabad), Death to America (America Murdabad), Terrorist NATO and America quit our country (Amrikio bhag jao) etc. The continued series of protests has forced the Pakistani Government to take some stern actions like the Shammasi Air Base was got vacated and NATO supplies were cut off. The body language of the protesters shows, a participant said, the government would soon have to refrain from playing front line state role in the war against terrorism. The protesters calling the NATO attack as blatant and unacceptable said that the whole nation was with Pakistan Army adding another attack on Pakistani soil would be retaliated in the same language. The entire nation, they avowed, would support the army. The furious protesters burnt tyres in front of the LPC to show their anger. They torched candles on the occasion and national songs were sung on loud speakers. Besides punching and kicking the effigy of Obama the US president with shoes, some angry protesters burnt it also. The traffic on LPC chowk was blocked due to their protest. Rukham Khan, the Civil Society spokesman, said that they would continue protests against the nefarious NATO raid in future as well.