LAHORE The Fall of Dhaka brought shame not only to the people of Pakistan, but for the entire Muslim world. The unfortunate day divided the biggest Muslim country into two. This was said by Pakistan Movement Workers Trust Chairman Colonel (rtd) Jamshed Ahmed Tareen while addressing TheNation and Aiwan-e-Waqt Forum here on Thursday. He was the eye-witness of the separation of the then East Pakistan now Bangladesh and served as commanding officer with Army Medical Corps for nine months during the unrest. The former Army officer said that some opportunists from West Pakistan (todays Pakistan) led the Bengali brethren to opt for the separation. Remembering the time, Mr Tareen said: In those days, I had felt that Hindu teachers were airing the emotions of Bengali students against the united Muslim country. But overall, the ordinary Bengali was against West Pakistan. Only a day before the Dhaka Fall, I met a bearded old Muslim weeping. He asked me not to leave them on the mercy of the Hindus. In-fact, he said, they were demanding love from us and we could not give them care and love, wishing: We had to jointly share the sorrows and pleasures of each other. Jamshed Ahmed criticised the actions of the bureaucracy with the people of the former East Pakistan and said the babus were still on the same page and were not treating the people on human grounds. Speaking regarding the defensive strategy, he held it was then wrong to defend East Pakistan on the border of West Pakistan. How can you compete 12 Division of Indian army and more than 70,000 trained Mukti Bahni having only two and half Division soldiers in East Pakistan? China had asked the Pakistani delegation which visited the country in those days to find a political solution of the East Pakistan issue. He held the Awami Leagues blame for killing three million Bengalis by the Pakistan army mere a propaganda. In-fact, we were victimised by them, said Jamshed Ahmed. According to him, the forgetting of the Two-Nation Theory was the real basis for East Pakistans separation. However, the theory is still alive and we have to follow it. He remembered the former King of Iran Raza Shah had visited Pakistan for arbitrating between Zulfqar Ali Bhutto and Shaikh Mujeeb, but then some elements helped Shaikh Mujeeb to flee from Jail and it was resulted the King back to his country annoyed. The Trust chairman praised the efforts of TheNation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami for bringing both the counties close to each other again. He hoped that both the nations would build strong mutual relations in future.