LAHORE The candidates for the top slot of president and vice presidents of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), an apex body of chambers in the country, will be nominated through consensus, says a press release. Chairman Businessmen Panel, a ruling group of FPCCI and former federation chief Tariq Sayeed speaking at a reception held here, by Co-Chairman Businessmen Panel and former Federation President, Iftikhar Ali Malik, said top trade leaders from all over the country would be taken into confidence while finalising names of candidates for next two year terms starting from January first next. Leaders of the panel from all provinces including FPCCI, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, all VPs, were also present. He made it clear that presidential candidate would be nominated through consensus of all group leaders. He hoped his group would again sweep federation election as we are enjoying massive support of business community all over the country. Tariq Sayeed said that Presidential candidate from Balochistan would be finalised in consultation with Iftikhar Ali Malik and alliance partners. He said in the decision making process, due weightage would be given to the opinion of MC members from Punjab and heads of the provincial committees. He said respective chambers had already nominated their candidates for executive committee of federation. Iftikhar Ali Malik said as per traditions of rotation, next President of federation for two year term will be from Balochistan.