LAHORE (PR) Some of the leading journalists from print, electronic and radio got together to share their experiences on reporting the gender equity issues in the media and deliberated that despite the fact that there is an improvement in the way the media reports on gender, however, a lot of work remains to be done. The journalists who have been part of the series of workshops held on gender equity issues were taking part in the Focus Group Discussion under the banner of Individualland Pakistan in collaboration with Aurat Foundation and supported by USAID. The objective behind holding this discussion was to get the feedback of these media personnel, who had previously attended the media sensitization sessions on Gender Equity. It was highly appreciating to see that a number of media personnel shared their experiences and reports on Gender Equity. However, others argued that in todays competitive environment, it is hard to report such issues, especially when the editors and owners of their respective media houses dont support their initiatives. Gender Equity issues and themes are better understood and better reported today as media and civil society continues its battle against gender inequality rampant in the society, argued one senior journalist during the discussion. The media personnel welcomed the efforts of Individualland Pakistan, Aurat Foundation and USAID in this regard. First three Focus group discussions of this series had already been conducted in Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi, respectively. It is important to mention here that two of the media personnel, who attended the focus group discussion in Karachi, also shared their reports on Gender Equity. The process of sensitization of media that started with training workshops has entered its final phase. These focus group discussions provide an excellent opportunity to the hosts to gauge the level of change that has occurred over the period of time.