As a brand, Kayseria is constantly inspired by the allure of all great traditions of the world, past and present a vast reservoir of ideas aesthetics and concepts handed down, across countless ages by artistes who have historically striven towards the creation of that which is beautiful. Drawing on this guiding design ethos, this winter, Kayseria presents a mix of living colours and designs, vibrant and eclectic, etched on to their signature and renowned quality fabric. The Kayseria Winter Collection draws further inspiration from Fashion Designer Klint, animal prints, African Ikat, Islamic motifs, Egyptian Art, Fresco, Islamic Geometry, Mughal Art, Chintz, the Chinese province of Miao, Islamic Textile, Phulkari, Petradeuro, Floral Mosaic and Abstract art as envisioned by their lead designer, Waleed Zaman. PR