LAHORE (PR) - A 10-year-old Pakistani girl donated her pocket money to earthquake victims of Turkey. Shanzah Shoaib, a student of grade 4, presented Rs 9, 000 to Punjab Governor Latif Khosa and Turkish Ambassador Babar Hazlan in Lahore. Shanzah said: I watched on television that our friend and Islamic country Turkey was hit by a disastrous earthquake. I was very sad to see that many people lost their lives and a number of buildings were destroyed. I pray to Almighty Allah to protect Turkey and whole Islamic world. I read in monthly 'Phool, a very famous children magazine, that Marvi Takenay sent her doll and pocket money of one year for Pakistan flood affected children last year. Now it was my turn to help my Turkish brothers and sisters. It is not an obligation but my duty, she added. The innocent Pakistani girl further said, I want to convey a message to my Turk sister Marvi that the people of Turkey and Pakistan are like one nation. We will be with each other at the time of pleasure and also in the moments of sufferings. Our love and friendship will increase in coming days. Live long Pak-Turk friendship.