President of Awami Muslim League and former Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that the next seventy two hours are very crucial and anything could happen in the country. Talking to a private TV channel, Sheikh Rashid said that Memogate issue is very serious and for the first time Army and Mian Nawaz Sharif were standing at the back of the Judiciary. He said the ball was in Government's court and cautioned that if the Government reacted in haste, the situation would deteriorate. Shaikh Rashid Ahmad said that the army would foil all conspiracies against the country and the verdict given by the Supreme Court in Memogate would be implemented. He said the army was support of democracy but would not like to see a person staying in Aiwan-e-Sadr who was working on foreign agenda. The AML Chief said demanded that the Prime Minister should constitute a medical Board to give its report about the sickness of the President. He warned that any wrong step at this juncture would derail democracy. He said the Board should decide whether the President physically and mentally in a position to run the affairs of the country. He warned that it is not the period of 1955 when Ghulam Ahmad remained sick and continued on his post. In reply to a question Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, considered to be a well informed politician, said that there are rumours that President Zardari would be proceeding to London in the next few days for further medical checkups. He referred to Prime Minister Gilani's statement that elections would not be held for a long time if the elected government was removed and advised him not to make such statements that create uncertainty among the people. He said it is the country of 180 million people who can take care of it. To another question, Sheikh Rashid said Hussain Haqqani was not begging the US to get him out of Pakistan. Similar is the case of High Commissioner in UK Wajid Shamsul Hassan who avoided to come to Pakistan for the envoys conference on the ground of illness.