LAHORE Leader of the Forward Bloc in the Punjab Assembly, Ata Manika has said that his bloc is negotiating for alliance with PML(N) and no decision has reached as yet while discussion on modalities are underway. Talking to this scribe in the Punjab Assembly premises here Thursday Manika, who originally was elected on the PML(Q) seat, said no harm if their bloc merges with PML(N). He said their bloc has 44 MPAs supporting the Punjab government. He said they feel no reservations on the part of PML(N) about accepting them in its folds, however nearness takes some time. He said their bloc, the like-minded, has to also think to protect the seats of its members in the next election as such they would not like the candidate of other party, with whom it has alliance, contesting election on the same seat. They have to see this factor, and also that what and how would they be adjustment, before forging alliance or merger, he said added, these are also being discussed. To a question on their correlation with the like-minded of the PML(Q) splinter in the Central, he said they have best relationship and no differences existed between them. He said excepting former Foreign Minister Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri no other in the like-minded has leaning towards the PTI and they all have a certain leaning towards the PML(N). However they have to take a joint decision as to whether they have to forge an alliance or join the N-League. Manika said he did not see election in three years if the present system is wrapped up. He negated the statement made by the prime minister that conspiracy is being hatched against the PPP government and said, no one needs to conspire against the Federal Government when it was an enemy of itself. He said the Opposition wanted change through an early election while the election in his view was no solution to any present problem. He said the PPP has ruined the country and has miserably failed to deliver. The solution to the current problem, he said, would come out by January next when he does not see the PPP government in place following which no election for two/three years are exception and the interim set up, in the first instance, putting everything back on the track. He said from economy to security everything was at stake under the current rule. The masses have immersed in problems and the rulers do not have any concern to them as they are living in a world which is far away from that of the common man, he added.