ISLAMABAD - Fall of Dhaka is one of the most shocking events in Pakistans history. Pakistan and Bangladesh are two sovereign countries but one nation that cannot be separated. These views were shared by former Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant General (r) Hamid Gul during an interview with TheNation on the break-up of Pakistan in 1971. Separation of East and West Pakistan is extremely heartbreaking for all of us. It is my faith and firm belief that both these states might be two independent sovereign states but they are one nation that share common culture, values, religion and historical bonds. Our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan but the poor policies of our inefficient and negligent rulers divided it. Lt-Gen Hamid Gul said that division and rift that led to the creation of Bangladesh had started sowing seeds in the post 1965 War scenario. He slammed India for adding fuel to the fire and conspiring to break Pakistan into two pieces. The divide had started after 65 War and it was India that exploited this scenario and separated us. India is our eternal enemy. It can never be our friend. It has inflicted a lifetime injury on us by segregating us. We have to stand strong against India and never to show enemy our weakness. He also criticised India for claiming to be the worlds biggest democracy but it never gave any statement on Salala checkposts attack by Nato that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. Two dozens of our brave soldiers were martyred in a pre-planned attack. Not a word of condemnation came from the self-proclaimed and so-called worlds greatest champion of democracy. What could be more condemning than that? India is the country that kills innocent people in Kashmir and stops river waters flow to Pakistan to destroy our crops. Gul said the inefficient politicians, bureaucracy and army could not forge unity within East and West Pakistan which gave an opportunity to India to establish organisations like Mukti Bahini that launched an armed struggle against Pakistan Army. Today when floods hit our country or earthquake wreaks havoc, we see unity in every segment of society. The Pakistani society gets united like one single nation. This kind of unity was required back in 1971 but our incompetent rulers failed to create a national consensus then. In testing times, the nations need to stick together and get united but we did not see this happening in 1971. Had we been united then, would anybody even try to think to split us? The former DG ISI expressed faith in the capability of Pakistans armed forces saying that no force on this planet could dare attack Pakistan. Theres no question of direct intervention on Pakistan. No country would dare do that. Its the internal elements that can destabilise Pakistan. We have to take active steps to avoid this internal collision. Pakistani forces are vigilant and capable. All they need to demonstrate is the strength of character against the foreign powers like theyve been doing lately. He took on former President Pervez Musharrafs policies saying that Musharraf left no stone unturned to shake the very foundations of Pakistan by launching what Gul termed as misadventures like Lal Masjid operation and killing Nawab Akbar Bugti. Gul regretted that Pakistans incompetent leadership had not learnt any lessons from the past. Lessons need to be learnt from our dark past if we are to move on as a successful nation. Fall of Dhaka marked the darkest hour in our history. Let us draw some lessons from this horrifying experience and create national unity. If we stay united, we are unconquerable. However, Gul appreciated the recent steps taken by Pakistan in response to last months Nato attack on Pakistani checkposts. It is appreciable that Pakistan said no to Bonn Conference, blocked Nato supplies and operationalised its defence system at Pak-Afghan border. Had Pakistan government taken these steps earlier, the lives of our brave soldiers would not have been lost. Pakistan needs to continue with this firm stance if it is to uphold its sovereignty and dignity. Enough is enough, its time to shun off the US dictation and foil the evil conspiracies of India. Our dishonest and enslaved leadership needs to wake up, finally.