LAHORE Immigration and Passport Office Abbot Road was being run with the manpower shortage causing severe problems for the visitors, sources in the office revealed on Thursday. They said that from the office which was already facing certain problems three Data Entry Operators had left after they were offered better salary package in another provincial department. After their departure there was problem to run office smoothly sources claimed adding that Assistant Director concerned had informed Headquarter regarding replacement of the outgoing staff but headquarter was unmoved so far. On Wednesday due to shortage of the staff visitors had to face problems by waiting for hours to avail their turn to get their passport processed. Remaining staff had to perform duties of the outgoing staff at the same time apart from their own duties due to which problem was witnessed on Wednesday. Visitors claimed that staff remains absent from their seats for minuets due to which they have to wait long. When contacted passport office and officer seeking anonymity said that there was shortage of staff after three DEOs had left their jobs after they were offered bettered salary structure in Special Branch. He said that one staffer has to ensure his presence on two counters because of shortage of manpower. One staffer first perform duty on one counter and then rush to the other counter to perform duty of short staff and resultantly visitors and applicants make hue and cry. An employee of the passport office said that Assistant Director had repeatedly issued reminders to headquarter for replacement of the DEOs but headquarter was unmoved. He said that there were other several problems to be redressed like stationary, budget for purchase of diesel; in case electricity fails the office has no amount to run generator on diesel. Assistant Director Jahanzeb Shah was not available to comment since his cellphone remained unattended despite repeated efforts.