ISLAMABAD (INP) - Delay and cancellation of PIA flights continue to irk the travellers and the number of grounded planes has reached 18, while only 21 planes were operational. According to details, despite pledges and assurances, PIA authorities have not yet succeeded to overcome the crisis of delay and cancellation of flights and the crisis was spreading further as more planes were grounded due to various reasons. Its worth mentioning here that PIA had set worst example of mismanagement during Hajj operations creating problems for Hujaj and relatives waiting at different airports who had to wait for 10-20 hours. During last two days, at least 42 PIA national and international flights were cancelled. The PIA authorities were trying to cool down the situation excusing technical faults and problems faced in maintenance work. Officials said the planes have been grounded due to unknown 'technical reasons, bringing the number of abandoned planes to 18, whereas just 21 aircraft have remained for local and international operations.