American Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is talking positively for once. His latest statement has surprised many in which he said that despite the fact that Pak-US relations were complex in nature, yet, it is essential for Washington to maintain workable ties with Islamabad. In the same breath, he claimed that the US was moving forward in Afghanistan in the right direction and that the allies have won the 10-year long war. Addressing US troops in Afghanistan, Panetta said allied forces would not leave Afghanistan by 2014 but stay till such time that peace and stability return to the war-torn state by ensuring that the Taliban phenomenon was buried once and for all. Panettas deputy, Douglas Wilson, went a step ahead by saying that to win Afghan war Pakistan would have to be won as well. Meanwhile, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has issued a statement denying any discussion on resumption of Nato supplies through Pakistan during a telephonic conversation between Chief of Army Staff General Kayani and ISAF commander who claimed on Wednesday that he sensed progress in restoring border coordination with Pakistan. The ISPR statement said that the issue of Nato supplies never came under discussion between General Kayani and General Allen as has been highlighted in the statement of ISAF commander, adding that un-necessary speculation in this regard should be avoided. But things cannot be left here, and there is a dire need for the two sides to realitistically find a way to an amicable solution of the prevailing tension. Positive gestures being made by the American military commanders should be taken in correct perspective while making important decisions. There is hardly any doubt that there is a great deal of public anger against Nato attacks, yet, dealing with the superpower needs a lot of wisdom. Both Pakistan and the United States have common objectives of fighting the menace of terrorism. Therefore, Washington needs to be told, in clear terms, that it will have to respect Pakistans sovereignty and territorial integrity failing which it would be difficult for its allies to proceed further to achieve its targets. We must plead our case effectively. Otherwise all sacrifices offered and efforts made would fail.