LAHORE Major changes are likely in the party offices of the PTI with the joining of more political heavyweights this month, The Nation has learnt. Insiders in PTI privy to the developments regarding the new party plans told this correspondent on Thursday that two major party offices of central secretary general and president Punjab could get new bosses with the expected inclusion of PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) leader Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, Jehangir Tareen group including Ishaq Khakwani and Sikander Bosan this month. They revealed that Khursheed Kasuri was most likely to join Imran Khan on December 20 in a public meeting in his constituency in Kasur, while the Tareen group expected to become part of the PTI on December 19 during a meeting with party chief in Islamabad. They claimed that Legharis of Dera Ghazi Khan belong to the family of late president Sardar Farooq Leghari would also join the PTI with Jehangir Tareen during the mentioned meeting. However, close circles of Legharis maintained that they havent decided yet to join Imran Khan but the top leadership of PTI has contacted them several times. When asked whether the changes in party offices would be made immediately after the inclusion of the mentioned political figures, they informed that the changes might not take place very after the inclusion. As the party leaders, they added were vying for bringing PML-Q central secretary general, Mushahid Hussain Syed into the PTI, the changes might not be made very after the joining of Kasuri and Tareen group, however in case of vague response from Mushahid the changes could be made quickly. To another query about naming the likely candidates for the central secretary general and provincial president of Punjab, they said that no name has been narrowed down for these positions, however, quoting the close aides of party chief as saying that changes on the mentioned positions would be made keeping in view the political expertise and influence of the candidates for the positions at the national as well as provincial level. Informing about further details for conferring party offices to political bigwigs joining the PTI, they revealed that more party offices could be created to accommodate the heavyweights, as this was a necessity of the practical politics. Asked about why the mentioned party offices would need a change, they claimed that the current party leaders holding these offices were not up to the mark against the growing challenges for the party after the mammoth gathering at Lahore on October 30. About the status of contacts with dissident PML-Q member, Marvi Memon, they claimed that party leadership would welcome her in the party without any condition. PTI insiders also informed that there were strong possibilities that Khawajas of Dera Ghazi Khan would join the PTI early next year. They maintained that Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, who has been removed from the office of central secretary information this week, would soon be given a task at partys central office. Ijaz Chaudhary, PTIs central leader when contacted neither denying nor confirming the information of this scribe said that changes in the party offices was a routine matter in every political party. He added that several important political figures have already joined the PTI and many more would be coming very soon.