The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan has said that the government has no right to stay in power after its failure to arrest the assassins of its leader Benazir Bhutto, failing to provide protection to President and resolve the problems of the people. Addressing a press conference at the Central Secretariat of PTI here in Islamabad on Friday, Imran Khan said the Supreme Court would decide fix responsibility in the Memogate scandal. He said there is no precedence in world history that president of a country asks his counterpart of another country to secure him from the army. He regretted that the ruling party was leveling allegations of partisanship against the judiciary. He said the PTI was standing with the Supreme Court and its decisions would be implemented. Imran Khan opposed the imposition of martial law in the country, saying that the people would not support it. He said solution of the problems lies in democracy while repeated imposition of martial laws has pushed the country several decades back. The PTI chief said both the main political parties are symbol of status quo and they have been misappropriating national resources. He said by realizing that the wind of change has started blowing, the two major parties are worried because the days of their extravaganza have been numbered. Imran Khan said public meeting in Karachi on 25th December would show every one the real change in Pakistan. Referring to the large scale joining of people in the PTI, he said they are doing so unconditionally and award of ticket would be at the discretion of Parliamentary Board and no one would be given ticket for relationship or friendship with him. He said tickets would be given on the basis of one's popularity in the constituency, honesty and merit. Every candidate of the party would have to declare his assets. Asked to comment on ISI Chief General Ahmad Shuja Pasha's reported move to seek Gulf countries support for the removal of Zardari government, Imran Khan said the matter was subjudice and let the court give a verdict. He said fortunately there is an independent judiciary and people have full confidence in it. He said the apex court's verdicts on Rental Power Projects (RPPs) and Haj scam were before every one. About his meeting with US Ambassador Cameron Munter, Imran Khan said his viewpoint is the same that America cannot win the war in Afghanistan. On this occasion, a number of persons announced their decision to join the PTI. They included Justice (Retd) Chaudhry Tariq, former provincial minister Col (Retd) Mohammad Anwar, former MPAs Abbas Mohiuddin and Chaudhry Nazar Gondal and others.