LAHORE The Supreme Court should constitute a board to ascertain the facts about the health condition of President Asif Zardari in order to end the rumours in this regard, proposed Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, chief of Awami Muslim League. Addressing a press conference at a local hotel on Thursday, the AML chief while claiming as the government has failed to silence the rumour factory regarding the mysterious absence of head of the federation suggested that the Supreme Court should form a board to determine the real health condition of Zardari. He remarked that that the PPP-led government itself became a disinformation factory by telling vague or unclear details about the health condition of the President. Rasheed while saying that he would be appearing before the Commission on Abbotabad incident claimed that he would present proofs to the commission about issuing of visas by Hussain Haqqani to scores of US nationals without completing the necessary formalities and the same Americans later surfaced as Raymond Davis and many other undercover operatives and mercenaries of the US secret service. He further claimed that Haqqani bypassed the protocols of foreign office issuing the visas and without the clearance of the ISI, while the former ambassador to Washington issued the visas with the consent of President Zardari. The AML chief maintained that President written a letter to the Prime Minister stating that he should empower Hussain Haqqani to issue one-year visa to the US nationals relaxing the foreign office protocols and without the clearance of the ISI. He further maintained that 15,000 visas were issued to the US nationals during the tenure of Haqqani of which record of 4,000 visas did not exist, while the former ambassador issued 400 visas in just two days. Rasheed in his traditional style making another prediction claimed that March 12, 2012 would be an important date, as the decisions regarding the political game would be taken around the specified date. There is strong tension between the civil and military quarters, while the army and judiciary are the only two institutions, which are still in shape, besides the powerful role of media, he further maintained. The AML chief claimed that Railways Minister Ghulam Balour would leave the department after getting huge kickbacks from two American companies in the new tenders and he would get another ministry of his choice. He added that the PPP-led government destroyed the 12 profitable departments of the country including the Railways and PIA, while billions of rupees kickbacks had been received by the authorities concerned in the deals of fertilizers and rice. Rasheed said despite the 18th Amendment several important departments including the health could not be devolved completely to the provinces. On this occasion, he said that he would participate in the Pakistan Defence Council moot, while similar meetings would be held in Karachi, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan and other cities of the country.