ISLAMABAD - A Senate Special Committee reached consensus in its meeting Thursday to form Healthcare and Drug Regularity Authority (HDRA) at the federal level after the assurance of the committee to redress the objections of Punjab. Senator Ishaq Dar representing the Punjab government gave the consent to formulate the authority at the federal level, setting a condition that Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore should be handed over to Punjab. Earlier, three provinces have agreed to form the authority at the federal level but Punjab had disagreement with the idea over not handing over Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore to Punjab after devolution. A meeting of Senate Special Committee constituted by the House for further consideration on the Constitution of a Drug Regularity Authority held with Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan as the convener. The other members who attended the meeting include Senator Saeeda Iqbal, Haroon Khan, Kalsoom Parveen, including special invitees, Senator Ishaq Dar and Leader of the House Senator Nayyer Hussain Bukhari. Secretary Cabinet Nargis Sethi along with representatives from Law and Justice Division also attended the meeting. The committee decided to visit the Prime Minister to discuss the reservations of Punjab regarding not handing over Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore to Punjab government which is its legal right as all other provinces have been transferred departments and ministries as a result of devolution. The committee took the decision on the reservations expressed by Senator Ishaq Dar that Sheikh Zaid Hospital Quetta has been handed over to Balochistan but Punjab has been discriminated wrongfully and it has not been handed over the Sheikh Zaid Hospital Lahore, which is still with the Federal government. He also pointed out that the hospital in Quetta is being run as a dispensary as the province is short of required resources and funds. Senator Abdul Haseeb remarked that the provisions of 18th Amendment are very clear regarding formation of the Drug Regularity Authority and further delay in the formation of HDRA will mean more deaths and more misery in the country as there are serious issues of pricing, licensing and registration of drugs that has to be dealt by an authority at the Federal level. He said that the authors of the 18th Amendment including Senators S.M. Zafar, Wasim Sajjad and Raza Rabbani have also agreed for the formation of DHRA at the federal level as throughout the world all progressive countries have DRA in the centre. He informed that about 102 countries have the authority at the federal level, though, India had authority at the provincial level but just after two months they constituted it at the federal level. Senator Haroon Khan said the Special Committee should meet the Prime Minister at the earliest in order to legislate for formation of the authority. Nargis Sethi was of the view that there has already been much delay in the formation of DRA and it needs to be taken up as an issue of top most priority.