ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly session on Thursday witnessed attacks and counter attacks between main Opposition party PML-N and PPP, besides ANP senior legislator Bushra Gohar demanded resignation of DG ISI Ahmed Shuja Pasha for seeking Arab support for President Zardaris ouster as alleged by Mansoor Ijaz. The 37th NA session on its first day saw rising political temperature, when the House did not take legislative business and consumed most of the time discussing various national political issues. Taking the floor after the remarks of Bushra Gohar, Ch. Nisar backed the demand of Bushra Gohar. However, he also made it clear that he never asked for the resignation of the Haqqani. Nisar further said that Bushra Gohar represents government benches so the ANP should ask the PPP government to take resignation from DG ISI. Speaking on point of order, ANP MNA Bushra Gohar said that DG ISI should also resign from his position as the former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani resigned on the allegations when controversial memo case memo case surfaced. 'If former Ambassador Hussain Haqqani set a precedent by resigning from the office to make investigation transparent ... now ISI DG should also resign (voluntarily) to make memogate investigations impartial, Bushra Gohar added. Earlier, Chaudhry Nisar came down hard on PPP-led government for mishandling the important matters. In his criticism , he demanded that Prime Minister Gilani should clarify his position over that excerpt of Condoleezza Rices book in which its was stated that after Mumbai attacks she in a telephonic call had asked Gilani that 'either you are lying to me or your subordinates are lying to you. He said , this excerpt indicates that Pakistan has become East India Company. Talking about Shamsi Airbase issue, he questioned about handing over the base to foreign power sans any written agreement. 'Who authorised former President Pervez Musharraf to hand over Shamsi Airbase to the US, he added. Nisar, in a his hard-hitting fashion, also talked about different statements of main government leaders that created confusion about the Presidents health. 'The House and the nation should be apprised about the about President Zardaris health, Nisar added. He also expressed disappointment over Prime Ministers speech , saying that conspiracy should be exposed which was haunting him. 'We will not allow anyone to derail democratic order, he said, adding, that government should also clarify its position about reported expenditure of Rs 260 million on the renovation of kitchen of the Presidency. In response to Chaudhary Nisar , PPP legislator former Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira said that government has neither hidden anything nor would on the health of President Asif Ali Zardari. Talking memo muddle, he said that memo issue and the new disclosure of Mansoor Ijaz about DG ISI holds no truth. 'We are not afraid of allegations as such allegations which have been labelled on its leadership since its inception, he added. Kaira also called for unity among the ranks of the nation as the country is passing through critical phase. He said that incumbent government had not handed over Shamsi or any other base to NATO. He said that they were releasing health bulletins on President Zardaris health to media on daily basis. He further said that ISPR will be issuing rebuttal on the report. About reconstruction of kitchen of Presidency, he said that the President himself had rejected the proposal and the government would issue rebuttal of such news stories soon. Earlier, PML-N senior leader Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, disclosed the information provided to the National Assembly last month that the government had spent around 30,000 on the treatment of Hashmi in the UK in 2010 for speech restoration therapy was incorrect. 'The wrong information was attributed and its is breach my privilege the privilege of the whole House, said Javed Hashmi while speaking on a point of order. The privilege motion was piloted by PML-N Raja Asad on behalf of Javed Hashmi which was adopted by the house and sent to National Assembly Standing Committee on Rules, Procedures and Privileges by Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza. PPP Chief Whip, Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Shah supported Hashmis plea for conducting investigation into matter. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday told the National Assembly that there will be no compromise on Pakistans sovereignty and legitimate interests, besides the territorial frontiers will be defended at all costs. In a policy statement on governments position concerning the November 26 NATO attacks on Pakistan Armys border posts in Mohmand Agency, the Prime Minister made it clear that the terms of cooperation will ensure sovereign equality and mutual respect, and no unilateral actions inside Pakistan or against Pakistan and no transgression of our territorial frontiers would be tolerated. In every sense, the will of the people, as expressed by the Parliament, constitutes the only authentic policy prescription for safeguarding and promoting Pakistans national interests, he added. The situation arising from the Nato attacks has direct implications on Pakistans security, sovereignty and territorial integrity and, therefore, requires careful consideration by the Parliament. The government of Pakistan strongly condemned these attacks, which were violative of the principles of the UN Charter and international law. We also conveyed to the United States and Nato that these attacks were totally unacceptable and constituted a flagrant breach of Pakistans sovereignty and territorial integrity, the PM said. The DCC in its recent meeting had decided that the government will revisit and undertake a complete review of all programmes, activities and cooperation with the US/NATO/ISAF, including diplomatic, political, military and intelligence. He said that DCC also decided that the Parliament shall be taken into confidence on the whole range of measures regarding matters relating to Pakistans future cooperation with the United States/NATO/ISAF. The federal cabinet, he said, in its meeting on November 29 had also condemned the Nato attacks and termed them as an assault on the sovereignty of Pakistan. It was also decided to request the National Security Committee of the Parliament to deliberate on the issue and submit its recommendations for consideration by the joint sitting of the Parliament. The Prime Minister said as a responsible state, Pakistan will continue to uphold and promote the cause of regional peace and stability. However, in doing so we shall ensure that our legitimate interests are not only recognized but fully accommodated, he said. The Prime Minister emphasized that these fundamental points of principle need to be understood by the international partners. He reiterated that Pakistan as a peace-loving country remains committed to regional peace and stability particularly in Afghanistan. He said as a country which suffered from terrorism, elimination of terrorism and militancy remains high priority for the people and government of Pakistan. He said Pakistan in all earnest extended hand of friendship to the people and government of Afghanistan. The Prime Minister said as an immediate neighbour and sincere well wisher, people of Pakistan remained committed to promote the best of relations with Afghanistan in all spheres. He expressed his satisfaction that the entire nation is united to uphold Pakistans national dignity and honour and to safeguard the countrys sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.