ISLAMABAD - Prices of urea fertilizer after a dip has started increasing again as selling price of urea fell to Rs 1,500 per bag from more than Rs 2,000 and now again it is rising with the artificial shortage created by the traders. As per market sources the price of urea fertilizer has again reached Rs 1,700 per bag that was Rs 1,500 few days back. The reason is that the farmers now need the product as its use begins with the first irrigation of wheat crop that is due within few days. As per experts this year the government might not be able to achieve wheat production target due to several reasons and one of them is lesser use of fertilizer DAP and urea both. DAP is supposed to be used before sowing of crop and the farmers used it fifty per cent due to inflationary prices of the product. The price of DAP fertilizer is more than Rs 4,000 at the moment and it is also pertinent to mention here that distributors and importers still have its stock due to lesser sale. They due to this factor also tried to sell it forcefully to the growers by making it mandatory to buy one bag of DAP along with urea fertilizer. That thing couldnt help but it gave negative effects as the farmers also refused to buy urea fertilizer in the presence of this condition. While all this was happening, the government acted as a silent observer and did nothing during the whole time rather provincial and federal governments tried to put responsibility on each other. As per sources Rs 1,700 for one bag of urea is unjustified price and the traders or the manufacturers were looting the farmers and were enjoying the benefit of loose control of the government. The wheat cultivation area has also been decreased this year and already this seems not possible to achieve wheat production target of 25 million tons in the country. If the fertilizer remains costlier for the growers they would not be able to use it as required thus causing yield of the crop even lower.