Pakistan's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Wajid Shamsul Hassan has claimed that President Asif Ali Zardari would return to the country next week. Speaking to an Indian TV channel, Shamsul Hassan rebuffed speculations that the Pakistani military was trying to sideline the president. He blamed the media for "irresponsible reporting regarding the president's health issues". He said "so-called analysts and intellectuals have been giving deadlines for the past four years regarding the removal of Asif Zardari from the Presidency, but they have failed in their predictions". President Asif Ali Zardari is fit and will return to work next week, Shamsul Hassan, his close aide, said. "President Zardari is now recovering. Once he gets a clearance by doctors he will resume his duties. After all he is a human being and can fall sick but unfortunately the media in Pakistan has been floating stories. For last four years they have been trying to see him go. But all predictions and deadlines have fallen flat on their face. So-called analysts and experts have been giving deadlines," Hassan said.