It is all too often that we are witness to examples of individuals feeling that they are somehow more entitled than others and display a complete indifference for the rules and regulations of this country. The cardiac arrest of a 55 year-old Ticket Examiner of the Pakistan Railway en route to Lahore due to a scuffle involving four students is another such case, where the thoughtless actions of the travelers led to the death of a fellow human being. The incident began when the students denied the request to display their tickets and admitted to not having bought any. They felt, that as students, they should be allowed to travel for free, which is a norm for certain local public transport routes, but not on trains. This led to a shouting match which quickly got heated and reportedly ended with the students paying a fine. However, upon reaching the Lahore station, the ticket collector wanted to report them to the police, and his attempt to do so led to an all-out brawl which culminated in the capture of one of the students, while the others escaped. The stress of the altercation caused the civil servant to collapse in the police station, and he was pronounced dead upon his arrival to the hospital.

Public utilities are provided to all members of society and are meant for the general good, but under no circumstances must they be taken advantage of. The whole idea of a ticket is not to fleece the common person, but to ensure that everyone pays for their share so that the state can continue providing the services society needs. In this country, the system is flawed to the extent that the utilities provided are in horrible shape, and are often taxed to the limit. But under no circumstances does that mean that we allow them to fall into an even more decrepit state.

Another concern is how we treat other people in society. In arguments, both parties are indulging in a failure to communicate and to understand each other. We are all so involved in our own selfish existence that we choose not to look at things from the perspective of others. Everybody shares the same fears, goals, dreams and thoughts that we all feel solely attuned to, and in order for society to be cohesive and more harmonious, this world view must be realigned to include concern for others, for no one can fully perceive or anticipate the repercussions of each action.