Contradictory statements by government officials and ministers regarding the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project make for quite a paradox. Our leaders take pride in making fools of the nation by diverting funds from national projects to their personal constituencies on the pretext of development works.

That development work is more important than building this vital dam, I fail to understand. Unfortunately, people seem to be confused themselves and are more concerned over drones and Nato supplies. Our nation has become indifferent to national issues as there is no voice being raised by any member of parliament during the assembly sessions. We have lost precious time due to dithering by the previous governments as well as the present government which leads to one conclusion that all the rulers have the same values and same priorities.

No one can imagine the economic suffering of the families of contractors, suppliers and workers who have not been paid for over two years. Is this what should be deemed as a classical example of good governance and pride for both governments? I hope that our rulers will wake up before the tide has risen and we have lost all hope of ever getting this dam constructed.


Rawalpindi, December 12.