Islamabad - Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) issued violation tickets to 641 VIPs, including federal and provincial ministers, ambassadors, army officers, judicial officers and even senior police officers, as it fined 339,842 road users in total on violation of traffic rules during the outgoing year 2014.

According to the ITP, those issued violation tickets include five federal ministers, 11 provincial ministers, 14 ambassadors, 258 army officers, seven navy officers, 17 air force officers, 54 bureaucrats, 26 judicial officers, 13 journalists, 15 senior police officers, 70 members of national assembly, 39 senators and 26 members of provincial assemblies. On the other hand, action was taken against 32 traffic police officers in the light of public complaints.

According to the figures provided by the ITP, in total 339,842 road-users were fined. The highest number of road-users was fined for not fasting seat belts. In total, 92,595 drivers were issued fine tickets for not fastening their seat belts, 27,373 for attending phone calls while driving, 78,391 for not wearing helmet, 22,053 for lane violation, 30,677 for violating traffic signal, 3,993 for being underage, and 84760 for other violations.

Furthermore, 5,754 citizens called ITP helpline and they were provided assistance. Twenty persons were provided with first aid. The ITP received 674 complaints from general public pertaining to public transport service and action was taken on 559 complaints, the ITP said. The ITP believe that purpose of fine was not to penalise the road-users; rather it aimed at safety of the people on roads.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 10 outlaws, including two proclaimed offenders, from various areas of the city and recovered one 12-bore gun along with ammunition, bottles of wine and looted items from their possession, a police spokesman said on Monday.

According to details, Bhara Kahu police arrested accused Mumtaz Hussain and recovered one 12-bore gun along with ammunition from him. Police team also arrested four bootleggers namely Mohsin, Rizwan Ali, Kashif Irfan and Khyyam and recovered one bottle of wine from their possession.

Sihala police arrested accused Amir Zafar and recovered one punch from him. Margalla police arrested two accused Fayyaz and Falak Sher for their alleged involvement in a dacoity case.

Golra police arrested two accused Muhammad Saeed and Ahmed Khan and recovered stolen items from their possession.

Cases have been registered against these nabbed persons and further investigation is under way. Furthermore, during search operation, police arrested five suspects from various areas of the city.