LAHORE: Although hundreds of thousands of people could not earn their livelihood on Monday as the city was closed on Imran Khan’s call, the PTI tried its best to give a festive look to the protest.

At Chungi Amr Saddu, some PTI supporters became the focus of all eyes when they joined the protest with their camel, horse, donkey and monkey. The man who came riding a camel said while talking to journalists that the PTI protest would continue unless those responsible for electoral fraud were brought to justice.

The protesters carried the donkey on their shoulders just to entertain the viewers.

A puppeteer, who also joined the protesters, said that after Karachi and Lahore the PTI would now give a call for the country-wide shutdown.  “(PM) Nawaz Sharif will have to go; fresh elections will have to be held,” said the puppeteer while performing before the crowd. He also chanted “Go Nawaz Go” slogans.–Staff Reporter