LAHORE - Although a good number of cops had been deployed to control any unusual situation at the Civil Secretariat but the officers had a concern. They said that it was hard for them to deliver under the situation they observed on Monday.

An additional secretary conditioning anonymity said that if the opposition party had succeeded in closing the civil secretariat it would have been very hard nut to crack for the ruling regime. He said that it was very difficult for him to work at office as the city was reportedly blocked by the PTI. He said that his children could not go to schools due to shutdown call by PTI.

However, some officers said that they would neither support nor oppose the strike call as they were the state servants not employees of a specific ruling party. They said that they were performing their duties as per the book nothing more or less. However, they disliked political interference into their official business that they said was on the peak during the incumbent political setup.

The officers and the employees had been ordered to reach offices before 7am and they did so, said an officer. He said that it was a strict order that complied by the officers. He said that as the public sector employees could be called to their offices at any time so there was nothing unusual in it. He said that he felt it quite lawful order of the government to attend offices before the usual time that was 8am.

Another senior official conditioning anonymity advised the political setup to settle the poll rigging issue with the PTI otherwise it would be too late. If the PML-N government failed to reach any consensus on the issue, it would have to suffer a complete shutter down at official business.

A deputy secretary said that the PTI should not hinder the office work as the common men suffer who had to visit the offices from far flung areas. He said that both the government and the opposition should not involve the official machinery to add to their political gains. He was of the view that it was rich time for the government to settle the conflicts with the opposition parties.