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Channing Tatum has given some tips for up-and-coming musicians looking for band names.

The actor got confused during a quick-fire round of questions, created to help fans get to know him better. He was quizzed on which food he likes best, traditional Christmas tartlets mince pies or festive chocolate cake yule log. Unfortunately the 34-year-old star hadn’t heard of either.

“I don’t know Yule Log, [so I’ll pick] mince pie. I don’t know that one [yule log], I’d probably know their song I just don’t know them,” he told BBC Radio 1’s movie critic Rhianna Dhillon, before she explained the question properly. “Oh that’s food? Mince Pie would] be an amazing band name. Yule Log would not be an amazing band name. They’re probably like a hardcore metal band from Yugoslavia or something.”

Channing also gave his view on One Direction and Coldplay, revealing that while he “actually really likes” the British boyband he’d choose Chris Martin’s group over them because he’s been a fan for longer.

In his new movie Foxcatcher Channing plays a wrestler called Mark Schultz. He’s also known for his stripping past, which was loosely used as the basis for his movie Magic Mike - with a follow-up Magic Mike XXL due out next year. Both pursuits mean a lot to the hunky star, so he found it hard to pick between them both. “Depending on what, I don’t know what context I’m doing this in,” he said, when asked if he preferred wrestling or stripping.

 “Any? That’s not fair, they are two totally different things. At like a Christmas party? Wrestling.”

As Mark, Channing needed to sport bashed up ears, and he also had his ears altered for his upcoming flick Jupiter Ascending. He’s never been a fan of that body part, so finds the sudden interest in them hilarious.

“I’ve always had a complex about my ears; it’s just funny that they’re sticking stuff on them now to make them even bigger. It took a prosthetic set-up to make them look cauliflowered. I think all that stuff makes you not register me as me,” he said.