Death toll has risen to 176 in Tharparker and the miseries of people are overwhelming, this has been decried at national and international levels. The Sindh government has termed the famine a calamity but despite these facts, on 12th December, Tharparkar District administration evacuated 200 doctors from Liaqat University Medical Camps in Thar without any reason. Lack of doctors in the area is one of the main reason for these deaths.

Complaint against this atrocity has been filed in Mithi Court and the court has sought reply from police and government as the basic problem in this issue is governmental attitude. Last year Thar saw a bigger famine and death toll and the Sindh Government had vowed to punish the perpetrators (The then Food Minister and DCO were deemed responsible), but failed to keep their word because the accused were politically influential. Over all administratively deteriorated conditions in Sindh prove bad governance by PPP leadership which has shown no care for the people and seem to care only for their personal interest.


Sindh, December 13.