ISLAMABAD- Managing Director (MD) Pak Institute for Conflict and Security Studies (PICSS) and expert on militancy, Abdullah Khan said that attack on Army Public School and College in Peshawar, is first of the attack which carries signatures of Islamic State (IS).

In a statement issued today, Abdullah Khan said the attack of entering into target premises is like Fidayeen attacks in Kashmir and India, but during the attack the militants used same tactics to kill the victims, as IS militants do in Iraq and Syria.

DG PICSS who is an Islamabad based researcher and counter terrorism expert said, previously this style of killing was not known to this part of the world. But the militants inspired by IS have used this new style to which has severe psychological impact on the society and armed forces personnel. Islamic State kills scores of unarmed people to instill fear in the public and security forces. The attack in Peshawar is an attempt on same pattern.

Abdullah Khan said that blowback of military operation was imminent but militants failed to carry out any spectacular attack on military installations and as usual resorted to achieve soft targets. He said the attacks show that Pakistan still has to fight a long way in this battle and militants are still able to plan and execute high profile attacks, though they are fewer in numbers as in the past. He said that some militant groups have announced their allegiance to Islamic State, one group even claims that IS has accepted their allegiance and now the group carry outs its activities in the name of IS, which is an alarming issue for Pakistani security forces.

He said that militants are shifting their bases and strategy. Unless strong counter ideological narrative is produced and promoted at national level mere use of kinetic force, can bring only temporary relief. Pakistan needs to chalk out a sustainable solution to the menace.