ISLAMABAD - Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly, Syed Khursheed Shah, Monday cast doubt on PTI Chief Imran Khan's intentions for not resolving the political stalemate amicably.

It seems Imran is not serious in resolving the issue amicably, as he is continuously adopting pressure tactics against government," said Shah while exclusively talking to The Nation.

He said that Imran needs to avoid confrontation with government at least after the resumption of talks between government and PTI, he added.

"I have already made it clear that PPP is in favour of dialogue and we will not back those who are not serious in resolving the political impasse," he commented, adding that there was a need for seriousness in talks as otherwise both the parties would ultimately suffer loss.

"Dialogue could only be made successful by showing big heart, as point scoring is not the solution of the problems," he said, adding that the government side had initiated dialogue and now PTI would have to avoid 'war of words' to gain positive result.

About mid-term polls, the opposition leader said that there was no clause of mid-term elections in the constitution. "Polls will only be possible if PM renders resignation and asks for fresh polls," he added.

About the incidents of clash between the supporters of PTI and PML-N, he said that it was not a good sign and such incidents should be avoided.

"The country is economically suffering due to these long protests. Things should not go against the State at any cost," he said Imran would not be able to achieve the desired goals if he continued such fashion of criticism.

About incident of deaths in ambulance due to heavy crowd in most of the areas, he said these incidents can be avoided if the ongoing talks between PTI and government reach any positive end.