Edinburgh (DM): A Scottish teenager who uploaded a video of herself singing Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You has become a hit in America after it was shared on Facebook by a Seattle radio station.  Jade Burke, 14, from Glasgow woke up on Thursday morning to thousands of messages after her mother, Wilma Burke, let 95.7 KRJ station share the clip with their 2.5million fans. The schoolgirl, who shoots and edits all her own videos, had recorded the clip eight months ago - when she was 13 - as a practice for the Edinburgh Mela Festival.

She said: ‘I was a bit worried because I thought that I’d slept through my alarm but I then saw my phone was buzzing like crazy. ‘It’s quite a big and unexpected jump to go from just a few thousand views on my YouTube channel to over a million on Facebook in such a short space of time. ‘I’ve posted quite a lot of videos up there but I think that one shows off the range of my voice the best. ‘Mum would play a lot of Whitney Houston in the car when I was growing up and it’s obvious why she’s such a musical legend. ‘My dream duet would be with someone like Adele or Ed Sheeran. If they ever wanted to then that would be brilliant.’ Jade is keeping her feet firmly on the ground for now however as she prepares for her 4th year exams at Rosshall Academy in the Crookston area of the city. The busy teenager, who recently picked up her Duke of Edinburgh award, volunteers at a local animal A&E and says that if she doesn’t make it as a singer she would like to become a vet. Jade added: ‘Auditioning for a show like Britain’s Got Talent is something that I’d want to do after my exams when everything is a bit quieter. ‘I know how difficult it is to be successful as a musician and that’s why I want to get as many qualifications as I can and I’d love to be a vet if music doesn’t work out.’ Her proud mother, Wilma Burke, 55, is very supportive and bought her a professional microphone and a new laptop to allow her to make videos slicker and quicker.  he said: ‘That video is actually from about 8 months ago so she was 13 at the time and the radio station approached me to see if it was ok. ‘And I said it was fine not noticing just how popular their page was because we get quite a lot of requests and we usually just say “yeah, that’s fine”. ‘So, that was just a practice video that she had sent to the Edinburgh Mela festival who had asked her to try singing it.’ The American radio station have 2,541,478 likes on their Facebook page. Their post said: ‘AMAZING! She is only 13 but her voice has much POWER and SOUL to sing ‘I Will Always Love You’. ‘Jade you have an amazing Future.’