MNA Haji Abdul Ghani Khan has said that the PML-N government has been vigorously working on schemes for welfare of the masses and generating additional resources through strict financial discipline and austerity to facilitate low-income segments of society. He expressed these views while talking to newsmen here the other day.

He said that the PML-N was fully implementing its manifesto of public service by initiating welfare programmes worth billions of rupees while transparency, merit and standard were hallmarks of the government policies. He said that the PML-N leadership would come up to the expectations of the masses and sincere efforts would be made for steering the country out of quagmire of problems and putting it on the road to progress and prosperity.

Criticising the PTI, he said that Imran Khan got disappointed after failure of his plans and wanted to start negotiation with the government.

"We support talks as issues could only be resolved through talks. We have time and again stressed the supremacy of the parliament and asked all parties to resolve disputes through state institutions," he said.

He alleged that Imran Khan was working on foreign agenda to weaken Pakistan, adding that his entire sit-in was being organised utilising a huge amount of money. "The country suffered due to the protest rallies. PTI not only damaged the country economy but also introduced a culture of intolerance in the country's politics," he claimed.

"The maintenance of law and order is the responsibility of the government and it will safeguard life and property of the citizens at every cost. People fully know that some elements are promoting lawlessness and violence in the country for the achievement of their vested interests," the MNA maintained.