Islamabad -  Auditor General of Pakistan Buland Akhtar Rana declared that it is no where written in any rules that it is obligatory for the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) to attend every Public Account Committee(PAC) meeting.

A statement released by his office stated that he ensured that every PAC is properly assisted by his officers of senior level. Rather it is his endeavour to provide complete assistance to the PAC in discharge of their functions.

The statement alleged that it was only mere point scoring on the part PAC on December 9, 2014, when chairman PAC adjourned the committee meeting on the plea that the AGP was not present in the meeting despite the fact that his department was represented by two BPS-22, two BPS-21, and three BPS-20 along with BPS 17-19 officers to assist the meeting of the committee.

The Auditor General of Pakistan being AGP of AJK is scheduled to attend AJK PAC. He will also hold meeting with speaker, chairman PAC and President AJK and preside over a seminar on an important tool of public accountability, performance auditing.