Peaceful protest, without disturbing civic and economic activity, through threats and intimidation is a democratic right. What we witnessed in Faisalabad, were stone and baton carrying activists of both PML-N and PTI were on the streets did not show a peaceful picture. People want a change, not the same politics of violence, which causes pain, misery and hardships to many. Why are we suffering the same thing as before?

Residents of Karachi want a change, where forced shutdowns and freedom of movement is denied, without fear of extortion or street crimes, not more of the same. They voted for PTI in hope of a better future, where their children could go to schools and colleges, examinations are not postponed and shops and factories remain open. Call for a neutral and honest Election Commission, with power and administrative control over paid bureaucracy during elections is urgently required. It is quite disturbing to see Imran Khan ignore all irregularities in Karachi and confine his accusation to Punjab alone, creating doubts that all this is about power grabbing and not free elections.


Lahore, December 13.