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Former federal information minister and PPP Information Secretary Qamaruz Zaman Kaira said that the PPP was playing its role to safeguard democracy and democratic values in the country by standing with the PML-N government in the larger national interest. He declared that the PPP would not allow anyone to derail what "he described as hard-earned" democracy in the country.

Kaira stated this while addressing lawyers at Daska Bar Association here on Monday.

The PPP stalwart urged PTI Chairman Imran Khan to stop instantly using "foul languages" against leaders of other political parties, saying that by using inappropriate language Imran Khan was setting bad examples, especially for the younger generation. "Use of inappropriate language hurts every one and also reflects political immaturity," he pointed out. Kaira revealed that the PPP would stand with the PML-N in the Parliament to safeguard democracy and democratic system in the country, saying that the country could not withstand any misadventure.

He urged Imran Khan to ensure that the party's protest remained peaceful as it had been so far, adding that the PTI chief should avoid turning his protest into a violent one. Kaira added that Imran Khan had adopted "wrong" way for getting accepted his political demands, saying that peaceful protest was the right of everyone in the country and was also beauty of the democracy, but Imran had adopted a wrong and improper way. He declared that the PPP would never support any move which could harm democracy and democratic system, adding that the PPP would continue its political tradition to sacrifice for democracy and it would not allow anyone to derail democracy. Kaira emphasised that Khan should knock the doors of supreme judiciary for seeking justice and did not let the democracy derailed in the country. The PPP stalwart also urged the supreme judiciary to ensure early political accountability of all political bigwigs.

"Asif Ali Zardari has been making strenuous efforts to flourish and strengthen democracy and democratic system in Pakistan and that's way the PPP is standing with the PML-N govt in the prevailing hard political circumstances in the country", Kaira revealed. Kaira admitted that the terrorism had adversely damaged the country and there was a direly needed betterment in national economy. He said all the political parties should come forward to play their role and to shun their political differences besides ending the old tradition of "political blame games" for bringing political stability in the country.

He said that the whole nation stands united against the terrorism, militancy and insurgency and was ready to sacrifice for peace while battling shoulder to shoulder with the armed forces of Pakistan. He said that all of us would have to avert conflict and fight among the national institutions and would have to work hard within the Constitutional purview.

Daska Bar Association President Ch Ehsan Ullah Ghuman, General Secretary Jamshaid Sarfraz Sahi, Member Punjab Bar Council Jalil Qaiser Nagra, former MPA Tahir Mehmood Hundali, PPP Gujranwala Division President Ejaz Ahmed Samma, Sialkot District President Malik Tahir Awan and Daska Tehsil President Raheel Kamran Cheema were also present on this occasion.