On Monday, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), a party that continues to proudly reveal its fascist tendencies, held several parts of Lahore hostage to its increasingly violent movement against Nawaz Sharif’s government. Chairman Imran Khan began his final speech by congratulating his ‘tigers’ and ‘tigresses’ for successfully shutting down the city. Reportedly, four people lost their lives when PTI protesters  prevented ambulances from reaching the hospital in time. A woman was seen crying and protesting when she was not allowed to leave the city to attend her mother’s funeral.

 Traders, who refused to observe the PTI’s call, were beaten up and forced to close their shops, leading many, who didn’t open them to begin with out of fear, to truly appreciate the wisdom of their decision. Metro buses were stoned, and the service was suspended. Commuters, who dared to exercise their right to movement, were thrashed by the party’s hooligans and asked to return home.

Members of the Geo News team covering the event, including Sana Mirza and Ameen Hafeez, were assaulted with water bottles, stones and sticks on live television by Imran’s followers. Mr Chairman blamed it on the channel’s biased coverage and its owner, the message being: fall in line or face consequences. Female supporters of the PTI were also compelled to use sticks to defend themselves against their revolutionary brothers. Imran cannot save them since he is very much responsible for what is happening to them and refuses to acknowledge such.

A donkey, the animal, also found itself being beaten and abused for its alleged role in electoral rigging by the PTI’s ‘civilised’ crowd. Imran’s speech ended with threats to his favourite media group and the Nawaz government. He demanded the formation of the judicial commission within two days or else Plan D would be enforced.

The PML-N had two options; take on the PTI through Police or let it wreak havoc. It decided in favour of the latter, hoping to avoid clashes and leaving it to the PTI to use the space to self-destruct, as it did. There ought to be no doubt over the fact that the PTI’s movement is not peaceful by any standard. It is predominantly violent, routinely infringing upon the rights of citizens and the media, and sowing seeds of hatred and absolutism in the minds of impressionable youth.

Imran Khan, especially during the last four months, has emerged as an unapologetic, self-righteous instigator who is creating chaos in a bid to seize power. The need to defend the democratic system, which he disregards as the status quo while being flanked by Sheikh Rasheed and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, from the PTI’s onslaught is greater than ever. Saner elements within the PTI must rescue the party and prevent it from evolving into a completely fascist entity or simply opt out. Lahore will remember December 15th, and Imran would ultimately suffer for the peoples’ inability to forget.